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Norcal Brewing Solutions

Ultimate Transfer Tool

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Use compressed gas of your choice (CO2, Nitrogen, etc.) to rack from multiple vessles to any other vessel or storage tank.


  • All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

Racking Cane and Compression Fitting:

  • Over-all length is 34 inches long.
  • Draw tube is .5” outer diameter. Accepts any type of .5” inner diameter hose
  • Pass-through compression fitting slides up and down the draw tube, adjusting to fit any size vessel
  • High temperature o-ring sits inside compression fitting – Prevents liquid and gas from passing through fitting

Transfer Tool Body:

  • Slides up and down racking cane while holding custom-drilled #11, #10, #8.5, and #6.5 Stoppers (included, interchangeable) in place

 CO2 Ball Lock Connector:

  • Use a standard “Gas In” Ball Lock (SKU# 0132 or SKU# 0134 – sold separately) to quickly connect and disconnect CO2 or other gas source