Beer, Wine, Cider, Seltzer, Mead, Distilling and more!

We're from St Thomas, Ontario and our goal is to have what you want and need for brewing. Whether it's ingredients to brew up your favourite recipe, equipment to make it in, or the bottling or kegging supplies to put your finished product in, we'll help you get there.

Make sure to check us out regularly, or sign up for our newsletter, new things are coming in stock all the time. If there's something you know of that you just can't find, let us know and we'll probably bring it in for you!

We carry beer, wine, cider and seltzer kits, easy to make yourself, or we carry a ton of different grains, flavourings and more to make up your own.

New to brewing, or upgrading your equipment? We've got everything you'll need from Brewzilla, SS Brewtech, and Grainfather, just to name a few.

  • Local Services

    At our Downtown St Thomas shop we've got it all! We'll refill your CO2 tank, brew on site, as well as help you troubleshoot and plan your brewing needs!

  • Make it Unique!

    Does your brew need a little something extra? Check out our line of flavourings to give any of your brews a new twist!


  • Brumate

    Looking for the ultimate in can coolers, wine cups and so much more? We carry the Brumate line, and they have all kinds of amazing things to keep your favourite beverage hot or cold! Brumate Collection