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Gen 4 Brewzilla and Recirculation Arm Jacket

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Add some insulation to your BrewZilla to get better boils! This neoprene jacket will help keep the heat in for quicker and more vigorous boils. Slap it on to speed up heating; take it off to speed up chilling. Also includes a neoprene sleeve for the recirculation arm to reduce heat loss during the mash.

This jacket will fit Gen 4 BrewZilla models. It is not compatible with older generations of BrewZillas and DigiBoils due to where the cutouts on the jacket are located.

  • 10% faster heat up time
  • 50% less heat loss from boiler
  • Fits the BrewZilla Gen 4
  • Made from 8 mm thick neoprene which is easy to wash after use