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Fermzilla 27L Conical Fermenter Kit

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The new and improved FermZilla 27L brought to you by the critical key minds and engineers behind the original Gen1 

Fermentasaurus. But with all the tweaks that make it the most cost effective conical fermenter to date!

The FermZilla has primarily been designed as a pressure fermentation, carbonation and dispensing vessel. To convert this vessel into a pressurised uni tank you will need to purchase 1 x - Stainless Steel Pressure Kit or the 1 x Premium Plastic Pressure Kit  FermZilla - 27L

The new FermZilla is a revolution in homebrewing allowing homebrewers a level of control that meets everyone's budget. With the FermZilla you have many of the benefits of a stainless conical fermenter.

Add the optional pressure kit to your FermZilla 27L and turn your FermZilla into a true unitank. Uni tanks are conical fermenters used both for fermentation and for carbonating and serving finished beer. This extremely inexpensive upgrade will truly show you what the FermZilla was designed for.

New and Improved:

1. Larger Dump Valve
2. Larger opening
3. Pressure rating 2.4bar (35psi)

In The Box:

1 x FermZilla 27L Tank with Butterfly Dump Valve Parts (Pre-Assembled & Attached)
1 x Reinforced Stainless Steel Stand with Handles
1 x Top Lid with Red PRV (35psi) [2 x Male Cap Threads] [Up to 4 drill ports for accessories]
1 x Top Lid Screw Cap
1 x 1000mL Collection Container & Lid* [2 x Male Cap Threads]
1 x KegLand Adjustable Easy Opening Tool
1 x Premium 3 Piece Airlock
1 x Approximate Graduations Sticker
1 x Strip Stick On Thermometer
3 x Black Bottle Caps (Attached)
1 x Grommet Bottle Cap (Airlock Port)
1 x Spare Seals