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Norcal Brewing Solutions

CO2 Harvester Kit

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Innovative and inexpensive way to gather and store CO2 during fermentation. Allows cold crashing of fermenter while replenishing the CO2 that was saved.

No backflush to ruin fermented product! No exposure to air!

Buy the kit and save some buck$ over purchasing the individual components.

Kit works with all wide mouth canning jars (sold separately). 


Kit includes the following components

  • Krausen Catcher with 4 nipples captures and stores CO2 during fermentation
  • Krausen Catcher with Airlock Grommet  acts as 3rd stage airlock
  • 2 x Wide Mouth Canning Jar Silicone Gaskets 
  • Double-bubble airlock 
  • Metal components are 304 Stainless Steel