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SS Brewtech

Chronical Fermenter

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Take a look inside of any craft brewery and you’ll likely find a small army of conical stainless steel fermenters. The Chronical line of fermenters is the next step up from Brew Buckets in Ss Brewtech's family of stainless fermentation vessels.

The bottom dump valve allows you to harvest yeast and reduces yeast contact with the beer, allowing for a primary and secondary fermentation inside the same vessel. Moreover, by including a domed lid we’ve given the user the ability to transfer under pressure (1-2 psi).

This standard Chronical line focuses on the fundamental essentials, with features such as a rotatable racking arm, tri clamp fittings, and 3-piece ball valves that can be completely disassembled to clean.


  • Pro brewing geometry
  • 3/4” dump valve and 1/2” racking valve
  • Rotatable racking arm
  • Domed lid with secure spring clamps
  • Integrated PRV
  • Etched volume markings gals/litres
  • LCD temp gauge not included