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8L Oxebar Mono Keg with Ball Lock Head

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This 8L keg is light weight, compact and has high oxygen barrier properties with 3x better (meaning less) gas transmission than traditional PET grades of plastic making it suitable for beer storage or other oxygen sensitive carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

This product is sold with the PCO38 cap, however if you would like to dispense this product through a draft system, we recommend the use of the Ball Lock Adapter Tapping Head. The tapping head is sold separately and allows you to attach standard ball lock disconnects and pressure relief valve to the top of the keg.

What is Oxebar Mono
Oxebar Mono is a PET polymer blend that utilizes several polymers blended together to significantly improve gas barrier properties. When compared with standard PET plastic, Oxebar Mono is able to reduce oxygen ingress and CO2 loss so your precious beverage is preserved and shelf life extended by 3x. We recommend this product for beer storage of up to 6 months.

This handy PCO38 Tapping Head assembly is a great way to get into kegging. Using standard homebrew ball lock disconnects, this is a convenient, light weight, robust and inexpensive solution to kegging beer, cocktails, kombucha, wine, and other beverages.

This PCO38 tapping head assembly has been designed to suit standard PCO38 bottle necks such as the Oxebar Mono PET Keg. KegLand utilizes quality engineering plastics and efficient injection stretch blow mould processes to manufacture economical kegs and tapping heads for both homebrewing and commercial beers. The plastics used in the tapping head can withstand a wide range of chemicals used in the brewing industry and relatively high temperatures (212°F / 100°C).

The Ball Lock Tapping Head kit comes with 2.5 BAR (36 psi) PRV, liquid and gas ball lock posts, and dip tube with filter attachment.