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Norcal Brewing Solutions

2" Tri Clamp Half Gasket

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Flat “Half Gasket”

for Sanke Keg to 2” Tri Clover Connection

Food Grade Silicone


This “Half Gasket” is different from a standard “Full Gasket” (SKU# 1059) in the following way:

A “Full Gasket” has “ribs” that fit into the groove cut-outs of a Tri Clover connection. This groove will be on BOTH of the items you are connecting.

A “Half Gasket” has only ONE “rib”. The other side is completely smooth and flat.


Although a Sanke Keg can be connected to distilling columns, etc. using 2 inch Tri Clover fittings, the keg neck DOES NOT have a groove cut into it.

More importantly: Due to the thickness of the flange in the Sanke keg’s neck it is very difficult to get a Tri-Clover clamp to fit around the neck, the “Full Gasket”, and the flange of the column.

Even if you DO somehow manage to squish the connection together there is a strong likelihood of leaks, and of eventual failure of the gasket.

Enter the NorCal Brewing Solutions “Half Gasket” to save us all!


  • 2” Tri Clover compatible groove on one side, completely flat on the other
  • Works with any size Sanke keg (American, European, 15.5 gallon, 50 Liter, 6 gallon, 5 gallon, and most others.)
  • Food grade silicone