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Tri Clamp Brewzilla Still Lid

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Designed to offer a sturdy connection point when using medium-heavy stills or off-center steam condenser units. To attach an AlcoEngine Still Top, remove the locking ring and gasket, replace the gasket with this single sided bead seal, pass the bottom threaded portion of the still through the ferrule, and secure in place with a 2" tri-clamp.

Sized for 35L BrewZillas and DigiBoils.

Compatible with the AlcoEngine Copper Pot Still and Copper Reflux Still and the BrewZilla Steam Condenser.

Installing AlcoEngine Still:

Remove the bottom nut and seal from the column
Place the single sided bead seal on the lid's tri-clamp ferrule (beaded side facing down)
Pass the threaded bottom section of the column through the ferrule
Secure in place with a 2" tri-clamp
The column's bottom nut and seal are not needed
KegLand Part Number: KL32629