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Norcal Brewing Solutions

2" Tri Clamp Connect Kit

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Still Spirits Turbo 500/Grainfather/Brewzilla Tri-Clover Connect Kit

2” Tri Clover Connectivity to T500 Boiler, Brewzilla or Grainfather!

304 Stainless Steel


Finally! Connect 2” Tri-Clover components to your Still Spirits Turbo 500 boiler!

Works with Still Spirits Turbo 500 stainless steel boiler lid AND Still Spirits Turbo 500 Alembic Dome copper top!


  • 2” Tri Clover silicone gasket. Inserts between this item and Turbo 500 boiler lid or Turbo 500 Alembic Dome for leak-free connection
  • 1” NPT Female threaded insert welded into 2” Tri Clover barrel
  • 1” NPT Nipple
  • 1” NPT Male Locking Nut
  • 1-7/8” perforated disc insert (SKU# 8011) which allows “column packing” – keeps items (copper mesh, botanicals, etc.) from falling down into the Turbo 500 boiler.


  • All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel
  • High Temperature silicone gasket
  • Use 2” Tri Clover clamp (SKU# 1105 - not included) and an additional Tri Clover gasket (SKU# 1059 - not included) for attaching any 2” Tri Clover device to the TOP of this connector (such as column, Elbow, etc.)