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Sanke Keg Cross Fermenter Kit

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Sanke Keg “Cross” Fermenter Kit

Wash, Sanitize, Ferment, Carbonate and Serve in ANY Sanke Keg!

304 Stainless Steel


NEW!!! Replace the standard racking cane with a custom connection racking cane (scroll to the bottom for details).

This is essentially four of our product offerings engineered into a single device:

  • Racking Cane – Stainless Steel – Standard (SKU# 2983)
  • 2” Tri Clover Pass-Through Cross connector (SKU# 2962)
  • 3 Inch Spray Head (SKU# 2803)
  • Full Port Ball Valve (SKU# 0138)

With this tool, a brewing pump, a few feet of hose, and a few hardware fittings you are set to:

  • Use the built-in Spray Head to clean, rinse, and sanitize Sanke kegs (using products like Powdered Brewery Wash and Star San)
  • Ferment your wort in a Sanke keg
  • Use the Adjustable Racking Cane to transfer liquid in or out
  • Close the Full Port Ball Valve to pressurize the liquid and/or gas inside the fermenter. Useful for auto-expelling cleaning solutions, rinse water, etc.
  • Attach a blow-off hose to the Full Port Ball Valve using your favorite 1/2" NPT Male connector, then open the valve to expel CO2 from fermenting wort
  • Use the Adjustable Racking Cane to extract the yeast and trub from the bottom of the keg, leaving clean beer behind

-       Or  -

  • Use the racking cane to rack the beer off the yeast and into bottles or kegs
  • Use the built-in CO2 Ball Lock connector to force carbonate contents under high regulator pressure, then serve contents after reducing regulator pressure

Adapts to your current connecting hardware of choice:

  • Hook up any 1/2" NPT male connecting item (sold separately) - such as Cam Lock, Quick Disconnect, or hose barb fitting - to the Full Port Ball Valve to transfer gas or liquid in or out of the keg.

Works with ALL Half Barrel (15.5 gallon) American, 50 Liter (13.2 gallon) European, and 1/6 Barrel (5 gallon) Sanke kegs.


  • All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

Racking Cane Specifics:

  • Over-all length is 29 inches long
  • Draw tube is .5” outer diameter. Accepts any type of .5” inner diameter hose
  • Pass-through compression fitting slides up and down the draw tube, adjusting to fit any size keg height
  • High temperature o-ring sits inside compression fitting – Prevents liquid and gas from passing through fitting

 Tri-Clover Pass-Through Cross Connector:

  • Requires a 2" Tri Clover clamp (sku# 1105 - sold separately) and 2" Tri Clover Flat Half Gasket (sku# 28 - sold separately) for connecting directly to keg

 3 Inch Spray Head:

  • A total of 14 holes, each 1/8” in diameter, arranged as follows:
  • 6 holes on top end (called “weep holes”) not only spray the top portion of the keg, but allow you to invert the keg and drain completely
  • 8 holes on the bottom end do an amazing job of spraying the sides and bottom of the keg
  • 3-1/4” over-all length
  • Drilled end cap slides up and down Adjustable Racking Cane
  • 1” over-all width (end cap is widest part)
  • High pressure! Standard inline March pump will make approximately a TEN FOOT diameter spray pattern!

 Full Port Ball Valve:

  • High temperature vinyl covered handle
  • Standard 1/2" NPT Female connection on outlet side allows you to connect 1/2" NPT Male fitting of your choice (sold separately) such as:
  • Hose barb connector for CO2 blow-off
  • Cam Lock connections
  • Quick Disconnect connections

 CO2 Ball Lock Connector:

  • Use a standard “Gas In” Ball Lock (SKU# 0132 or SKU# 0134 – sold separately) to quickly connect and disconnect CO2 source
  • Set CO2 regulator to high PSI to force carbonate keg contents, then reduce pressure to dispense directly from keg