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Real Beer Brewing Starter Kit

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Finally, a kit with what you really need to start brewing.  This kit is designed around everything you need to start making your beer from pre-made kits.  Best of all, you'll still use everything if you decide you want to move to all-grain brewing later on.  You'll have everything but the bottles and be ready to brew the day your kit arrives!

This kit will make approx 60 bottles of beer, and will last as long as you are brewing.


2 x 24L pails - 1 Fermenter with Airlock, 1 Bottling Bucket with Tap

Auto Siphon, Tubing and Filler

Mixing Spoon

80 Oxygen Barrier Beer Caps



Star San - for sanitizing everything

Your pick of a canned or pouch Beer Kit

Dextrose needed for above beer kit


Spray Bottle

The Thief