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Marem Liquid Yeast

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Hailing from Atra in Norway and locally referenced as Berm (as opposed to Kveik) this yeast shares some similarities to other Norwegian farmhouse yeasts while simultaneously acting a little different.

Expect heat tolerance but not speed. This yeast takes its time and is not highly attenuative, but it makes up for that with unique fruity flavours of white grape, guava, and pineapple.

We recommend creating a highly fermentable wort and pitching at 25C+, patience is key with this strain but the end result is worth the wait. Co-pitching with your favourite “clean” yeast strain might help speed things up and push the attenuation a little further. 

 The original Marem culture was provided by Marit Røysland, and originally sourced from Henry Gunleiksrud.

Attenuation: 60-70 %
Flocculation: Low 
Traditional Pitch Temperature: 30ºC
Flavor Profile: White Grape, Guava, Pineapple