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Mangrove Jack

Manuka Style Honey Flavouring

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Add exciting natural flavouring to your beer! Derived from natural ingredients, Mangrove Jack's Natural Flavour Boosts allow you to add a new element of flavour to your beer. Create a huge range of unique beer creations with fantastic flavours to experiment with!

Manuka Styled Honey has a strong Manuka styled honey aroma with sweet honey notes. Fantastic for Amber, Saison and Blondes. 

How it works: With two ways to add Mangrove Jack's Natural Flavour Boosts to your beer, experimentation is easy. Either pour a full bottle of flavouring into your entire batch of beer before bottling or add 1.5 ml of flavouring per bottle before carbonation.

For full instructions, see product label. The above is just a guide, flavour to your own taste.