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Krausen Catcher w/ Grommet

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Jaybird™ Krausen Catcher with Grommet

for Ball, Kerr, or Mason Wide-Mouth Jar

304 Stainless Steel


One-of-a-kind Krausen Catcher for your fermenter is the ultimate airlock enhancement / blow-off tube!

  • Ever experience a crazy fermentation where krausen plugs your airlock or blow-off tube?
  • Ever check on an airlock and find (gasp!) that it has dried out? Or worse yet… back-flushed into your fermenting wort?
  • Ever have a blow off tube slip out of the blow off container (and therefore out of sanitizer solution)?
  • Ever have the blow-off container dry out of sanitizer solution - or get knocked over - exposing the blow-off tube to room air (and all the junk that floats in it)?

The Krausen Catcher with Grommet fixes ALL those issues by providing sturdy hose attachments, a lid-sealed containment system, and the ability to attach 1/2" hoses to its 2 tube connections, plus a 3-piece or “S” shaped airlock to its grommet!

Think of this as a GIANT airlock / blow-off tube… with all of the benefits and none of the draw-backs!

All you need is a couple of feet of 1/2" inner diameter tubing, a 3-piece or “S” shaped airlock, and a wide mouth Kerr, Ball, or Mason jar (sold separately) in the 16, 32, or 64 ounce size.

DAISY CHAIN THIS WITH OUR 4 NIPPLE VERSION OF THE KRAUSEN CATCHER (SKU# 2841) to create a CO2 harvesting, back flow-preventing airlock (see SKU# 3210, and the video below).


  1. Fill a wide-mouth canning jar (not included) with the proper amount and mix of sanitizing solution
  2. Place a length of tubing over one of the “inside” nipples of the Krausen Catcher. Tube length should be long enough to “almost” reach the bottom of the canning jar once canning jar lid is attached to jar.
  3. Place Krausen Catcher on canning jar and tighten the canning jar’s lid over the Catcher
  4. Attach a half-inch inner diameter hose over the same-side outside nipple on the Krausen Catcher
  5. Run the other end of the hose to the CO2 exit port of your fermenter
  6. Fill a 3-Piece or “S” shaped “double bubble” airlock to the fill line with sanitizer solution
  7. Attach airlock to grommet on Krausen Catcher


  • All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel
  • 1/2" tubing connects to the 2 nipples
  • Any standard 3/8” diameter airlock attaches to grommet
  • Works with any “wide mouth” (3-inch inner opening) Ball, Kerr, Mason or equivalent canning jar