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Chitosan 1L

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Add Kieselsol first at the rate of 1/4oz per 5-6 gallons, after the wine has been degassed, and stabilized. Make sure that it is fully degassed, if not Kieselsol may not clear the wine. Gently stir the wine for 20 sec while adding to wine. Wait 1-24 hours before adding Chitosan to the wine at the rate of 1oz per 5-6 gallons. When adding Chitosan to wine, stir gently for 20 seconds then leave to clear. Clearing generally takes 1- 2 days, some batches may require a few extra days. May not clear pectin haze or products made with hard water.

For best results always use Chitosan and Kieselsol together.

Size: 1 liter

Dosage: 1 oz. per 5-6 gallons