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Norcal Brewing Solutions

Canning Jar Lid Leaf Hops

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Jaybird™ Wide Mouth Canning Jar

Hop Randall – Ball Lock Attachments

304 Stainless Steel


An inexpensive and efficient 304 stainless steel hop filter kit provides “hop back” filtration of leaf hops.

Just add a 64 ounce glass wide-mouth Ball, Kerr, or Mason canning jar with ring, pack with leaf hops, attach 2 “Liquid Out” ball locks, and you’re in business!


For ultimate filtration, pack the top portion of the canning jar with up to 3 stainless steel scrubbies (SKU# 0352 – NOT INLCUDED). You can add scrubbies using the pull-down menu, above.

2 external ball lock posts accept standard “Liquid Out” ball locks (sold separately as SKU# 0131 (barbed) or SKU# 0133 (flared)):

  • Shorter ball lock post on top of the lid is “liquid in” side. Feeds liquid to the bottom of the canning jar through the long dip tube
  • Slightly taller ball lock post on top of the lid is “liquid out” side.


Beer or wort gets fed into the randall through the shorter post ball lock, travels down the long dip tube to the bottom of the canning jar.

Pressure pushes the beer or wort through the hops, filtering the liquid and picking up hop flavor, color and aroma.

Perforated disk keeps hops from pushing into canning jar’s neck.

Liquid exits through the diagonal-cut short dip tube near the top of the filter and continues out of the jar through the “Liquid Out” ball lock on the slightly taller ball lock post.


  • 100% food grade silicone gaskets:
  • Top, larger gasket snaps onto and around solid lid portion, provides liquid and air-tight seal ON TOP of canning jar
  • Bottom, smaller gasket snaps onto and around perforated portion, provides a seal INSIDE the jar’s mouth
  • Stainless steel ball lock posts accept standard “Liquid Out” ball locks.