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SS Brewtech

7 Gallon Brew Bucket Heating & Cooling Kit

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Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket Heating & Chilling Upgrade Kit 7 gal

by Ss Brewtech

Only compatible with 7 Gallon Brew Buckets.

The FTSs² uses a precision temperature controller that constantly monitors the temperature of your fermentation to within 1° of its set point. When the temperature of your beer rises by over 1° the system kicks in and circulates your chill source liquid through the chiller coil until temperature is stabilized. The FTSs² system also incorporates a heating pad so if temperature of your beer drops the controller will activate the system to gently warm the beer back up to the controller’s set point.

Your chill source can be as simple as a cooler with ice or as sophisticated as a glycol chiller.


  • Fits standard and Brewmaster Edition 7 gal Brew Bucket
  • Immersion chiller coil
  • Dual input digital temp control
  • Cone heating pad
  • Neoprene insulation jacket
  • Weldless thermowell
  • Pro grade submersible pump