So, about that Kviek

So, about that Kviek

I've gotta say, this yeast is super impressive.  Especially the Krispy Lager.  Ferments out super fast and clean, let's you make lagers during the summer when you want to drink them... does it get much better than this?

Basically these are yeast strains that love the heat.  So if you've got a warmer room you do your fermenting in, these are perfect.  Don't have a fermentation chamber but love doing lagers?  Perfect.  Not only do these strains love the heat, you can get a few different styles of them depending if you want some tropical flavours, or to push out the flavours from your hops.

Hate all that waiting for a sluggish and slow fermentation?  Well, then these are totally for you.  Kviek yeasts are like a supercharged yeast.  Within a couple hours they'll get to work and be going crazy.  Make sure you've got lots of headroom in your fermenter, or hook up a blowoff pipe, you'll need it.

I wasn't sure what to expect from these to start with, but I have to say I was super impressed with the results.

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