Our Starter Kits

Our Starter Kits

So, you want to start brewing at home?  Congratulations, welcome to an amazing hobby!


Here's the breakdown of what we put in our starter kits and why they are actually complete.  

You get a fermenting bucket, bottling bucket, auto siphon and tubing.  Pretty basic, but you ferment in one, and then transfer the brew from one bucket after it's finished fermenting, using the auto siphon and tubing, into the other for bottling.  This helps you get rid of all the sediment from the fermentation.  

A hydrometer, test jar, and thief are included.  You use the thief to grab liquid from the fermenting bucket, without disturbing the sediment, and put it in the test jar.  Once you've filled the jar enough, drop in the hydrometer and take a reading.  The kit you're brewing will tell you what gravity you're looking for at the finish.  If you're unsure, it should be close to the green line marked BEER.

A hand capper and caps are included, because if you're using regular crown beer bottles, you need to cap the bottle after filling it.

A mash paddle or spoon is included, as well as the dextrose to make up your first batch.  There will be 2 bags of dextrose, one large one to be mixed in your kit, and one small one you'll use when bottling.

A floating thermometer is there so you can make sure that you have the mix at the right temperature before adding in your yeast.

The most important part of our kit is the sanitizer and the spray bottle.  This is a crucial element to any brewing.  We recommend star san, just because it's a no rinse and super easy to use.  We include a spray bottle to mix it in, so you can make sure you get everything cleaned well and ready for your brewing!

You also get your choice of a beer kit.  We have lots to choose from, so let us know what sort of style of beer you like and we'll find something you'll enjoy!

The final piece we include with every kit is really simple.  Our advice.  Whether you just want to ask a question, be reassured you are doing things properly, whatever the case, don't be afraid to ask.  We love getting people into the hobby.

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