Don't be afraid to try new things

Don't be afraid to try new things

Got a recipe you love?  Awesome!  Now for the fun part, experimenting.  There are all kinds of new things coming out in brewing all the time, so why not experiment yourself?

You could do something as simple as swap one base grain for another, or change out the other grains for something to change up the colour, or texture of your brew.  Or get crazy and throw together an entirely new recipe! 

Just because there's accepted parameters for different styles of beers, doesn't mean you can't colour outside the lines.  That's how new styles are made up!  Smash beers are super popular for this.  If you've got a bunch of stuff left over from previous batches, toss it all together and see what happens.  You may find a new great flavour, or something to not try that way again.  Either way, you're learning something new.

So, go ahead get creative!  Try out some new grains, some new hops.  Maybe switch up the yeast to something different like a liquid yeast strain.  Try adding some flavours to your brew, whether it's extract, puree or fresh.  

One of my favourite beers I make came out from a "what if" moment.  I know other brewers who have done the same.  Have fun with it, it's an amazing hobby with nearly endless possibilities.

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