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Canadian Trio White Wine Kit

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Buttery oak tones combine with the fresh fruit flavours of apple, apricot and melon in this rich, easy-drinking and versatile wine. To produce this popular blend, smoky Chardonnay is combined with Riesling's hints of fresh pear and apricot offset by bold floral and honey undertones and Prinot Grigio's crisp flavours of honey, wildflower and smoke. The result is a blended white wine that pairs well with grilled, roasted, or sauteed dishes, be it white meat or seafood. Veal, pasta and soft, bold cheeses such as Camembert, Feta, Swiss and Havarti also work well, as do blue-veined cheeses and some chocolate-based treats.  

  • 6 Week White Kit
  • No Labels
  • Makes approx 26-30 750ml bottles